10 Best Selling OPI Gel Polish of All Time

Amidst all the trends and frenzy OPI is a brand of sophistication and elegance. Easy salon-like nails each time without spending tons of money OPI seems to have taken hearts of millions when encapsulating the beauty of slow and steady results every time one puts on their products.

This high-end brand gel nail polishes which harden with UV light and air to give you crisp, matte chip-proof nails, OPI surely knows what’s best for them. They must have gone through thousands of formulas to get it right. This particular list is scooped out to give you the best of the best OPI gel polish options, no matter what your style is. OPI says their formula gives your nails the chance to breathe in toxic environments and helps them to heal. And a plus, they are long-wearing yet so easy to apply.

OPI gel polish in the shade big apple red

OPI nail polish big apple red is described as a gel-cream finish nail lacquer which might be the boldest right on the face color you will see on the list. This particular OPI gel polish is world wide known and fan favorite. This heavenly color suits every skin tone which is a big plus and it not only radiates confidence but also gives you that signature red look every occasion desires!

OPI gel polish in the shade barefoot in Barcelona

Kardashian’s  favorite nail color is a nude color with an OPI gel cream finish that is perfect for your daily routine. it is a mauve hint with a taupe shade. The particular thing which makes it more gorgeous is the color, one can’t find that easily. if you are obsessed with neutrals and don’t want anything that’s over the top then it’s the one you should go for.

OPI gel polish in the shade bubble path

If you are obsessed with girly and all things pink then look no further. This candy pink color is for all of my girly girls. It’s the color that screams femininity.

OPI gel polish in the shade you don’t know Jacques

Celebrities like Anna Hathway and Rihanna’s favorite color is pretty neutral with a small twist with spice, just like them.. as Rihanna said ” you can’t beat my outfit” I am sure she was also talking about this particular OPI gel color shade. at least we would like to think about it that way. it’s not over the top but still , gives you the attention you seek and desire for.

OPI gel polish in the shade black onyx

With any outfit and our dark soul, it’s the only gel-cream finish black lacquer you will need in your life. The number of sales every year OPI makes from this product is astonishing. Also, it seems that this particular color is extra long-lasting than others. So no more chipped nails.

OPI gel polish in the shade Russian navy

The beauty of this color lies within its gorgeous shade… this shade is an absolute favorite of mine. A regal blue everyone needs to feel like a princess. And I am not even kidding. i was researching the sales OPI makes every grade on particular shades and it’s way up in the list. Do you want to know another cool thing about this shade? Regal deep-sea indigo colors make us look leaner and fairer.

OPI gel polish in the shade where did suzi’s man-go?

You like that coral peach warm color in your nails just like we will appreciate it if summer never really left. Then it’s for you. it gives you the beachy vibes where you are tan and well appreciated.

OPI gel polish in the shade Malaga wine

 Rich and wine red with vaino – inspired hue which looks great on everyone. Especially on brown and deeper skin tones. Audrey Hepburn’s level of sophistication is unmatchable but you can get pretty close with this.

OPI gel polish in the shade Dutch tulip

Described as a hot blossoming pink, nurturing mother nature this is the shade which brings you the feel of Japan’s cherry blossom season. Deliberately candy and merciful this shade also looks gorgeous in pictures and quite famous within the brides.

OPI gel polish in the shade gelato on my mind

Icy cool color with pastel matte finish this shade from OPI series was very trendy back when Tumblr was the coolest thing. Trends come and go but this shade seems to have taken its own place…it has that mint hue to it which makes it very unique and over the top. One of the most repurchased shades of all times and a one of a kind of shade which also makes your hand very thin and tan. Cute? Right?


Whatever your skin color is, almost every nail lacquer mentioned in this article will suit everyone because it’s 2021 and we need diversity! So go girls and boys buy OPI gel colors! Happy Shopping.