A Snip In Time – A Poem For Tutti’s First Haircut

August 31, 2016

Rocket man having his first haircut!

This weekend our little rocket man hit another milestone…his first haircut. He didn’t have loads of hair, but there was a definite mullet-esque look appearing! Of course in my head I imagined us all in a TV movie, smiling and laughing, as his baby curls were trimmed. Why do I never learn?

All was calm to begin with, as he happily listened to the clippers and hairdryers. But as soon as he realised he would be on the receiving end of some scissor-action, his mood took a definite turn for the worse.

Tutti with hair like Einstein following his dinner
Pre-haircut with his dinner smeared in his hair!

To mark this latest milestone, I thought I’d do something different. So Hubster and I have collaborated on a little poem to share the haircutting experience. Well, you’ve got to keep your humour haven’t you?!

A snip in time

Our little boy, whose wispy locks

Were long and wild and free,

Had begun to look like Einstein

When his hair contained his tea.


One day last week we all agreed

The time to trim was nigh.

So we went off to the barbers

With all our spirits high.


Upon arrival all was calm,

We sat to wait our turn.

But when it came, t’was obvious

His face was rather stern.


He sat down square on Daddy’s lap

And both put on a cape.

But when the scissors snip, snip, snipped

Sweet baby boy went ape.


He wriggled, writhed and gnashed his teeth

And showed us his despair.

Right there and then, we understood

His attachment to his hair.


The lady barber did her best

To aim at hair, not skin.

And somehow cut it neatly

Despite our toddler’s din.


We’ve recovered from the trauma

And Tutti’s looking swell

But will he grow to love a trim?

Well only time will tell.


How did your children react to their first haircut? Have you had any experiences you thought would go well, but turned into a drama?


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  1. Reply

    Peachy and her Mommy

    That’s so sweet. I hope your little one overcomes his fears for the next trim. We haven’t reached that milestone yet. Only time will tell how that will go for us. #BloggerClubUK

    1. Reply


      Aww thank you. It was fun writing the experience as a poem. Think I’ll take a hip flask for the next visit though! x

  2. Reply

    Rachel George

    I still have the first curls cut from each of my boys’ hair. Neither of them liked the experience! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Reply


      Oh I’m glad he wasn’t the only one! Yes, they gave us Tutti’s first locks too. They are wrapped in kitchen paper so just hoping we don’t randomly throw them out! Must look for a little box. x

  3. Reply

    Fridge says

    Ohhh I love a poem! This is fabulous and a book of poems about his life will make an awesome 21st birthday present 🙂 #bloggersclubuk

    1. Reply


      Aww thank you. A book of poems, what a lovely idea. x

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