Decision List


Decisions Decisions #2

life is the sum of all your choices

Welcome to my second decision list, where I keep a record of some of the never-ending decisions we make every day. As days come and go so quickly, I’ve decided to compile regular decision lists, so we are able to look back on all the little things that crossed our minds. It will serve as a lovely reminder of what life was like during these crazy child-rearing years. My decision lists will be a mix of all sorts because that’s...

My Decision List #1

Decision List - be happy always

What they don’t tell you about parenting is you’ll make more decisions in the first few years of your child’s life than you have during your entire existence. The questions come thick and fast before you even give birth…What type of delivery? Will you breastfeed? Do you have a name? In the pre-baby excitement you relish planning and choosing all these things, but further down the line you realise that the questions, and ultimately your decisions, are never-ending. From choosing the...