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Read The Parenting Books, But Do It Your Way Anyway

Parenting books

This morning I walked past our bookcase and noticed all the parenting books I’ve bought over the last couple of years. From trying for a baby to how to care for them when they arrive, I’ve amassed 12 of these ‘must-read’ books. Surprisingly, despite loving to plan and research my everyday life, I had no desire to buy a pile of parenting books before rocket man was born. But towards the end of my pregnancy I caved and bought some. I was lack-lustre...

Get Organised – Tips to Make Every Day Easier

Tidy Cupboard

When I was pregnant and talking to friends about life with children, one of them said, ‘It all comes down to organisation and planning. If you get organised, things will be a lot easier.’ This stuck with me and although I’m naturally an organised person, the everyday challenges of motherhoodery have made me up my game. I’m by no means perfect and my life feels more chaotic now than it ever has done, but doing the things on this list help me stay...

Baby Group Novice? Here are 5 Tips for Success

Me and H at baby group

Has ‘join a local baby & toddler group’ been on your ever-growing to-do list for a while? Are you unsure if it’s your kind of thing? Don’t worry. I’ve been there too. Oh how I remember pre-baby me declaring, ‘You’ll never catch me sitting cross-legged in a circle, clapping my hands and shaking a tambourine.’ Ha, how very naïve I was. Baby groups sounded like something other mums went to. The mums I knew I’d never replicate. The mums that...