My Decision List #1

September 9, 2016

Decision List - be happy always

What they don’t tell you about parenting is you’ll make more decisions in the first few years of your child’s life than you have during your entire existence. The questions come thick and fast before you even give birth…What type of delivery? Will you breastfeed? Do you have a name?

In the pre-baby excitement you relish planning and choosing all these things, but further down the line you realise that the questions, and ultimately your decisions, are never-ending. From choosing the best nursery and how much Mr. Tumble you let them watch, to wondering if half a tin of sweetcorn counts as a nourishing lunch; every day seems to require another decision.

As days come and go so quickly, I’ve decided to compile Decision Lists. I’d like to be able to look back on all the little things that crossed our minds. It will serve as a lovely reminder of what life was like during these crazy child-rearing years. My Decision Lists will be a mix of all sorts because that’s what life’s like, isn’t it? Sometimes we’re consumed with momentous, big deal decisions and other times we just need to choose a paint colour or our favourite ice cream.

Life is the sum of all your choices

So this week I’ve decided to…

* Buy rocket man his first shoes
Recently we’ve seen those precious first steps. Rocket man is so-called because he is an expert crawler, but he is gaining in confidence and putting his best foot forward, well, in any direction really! He’s only ever worn Christening shoes, so I decided it was time for our inaugural visit to Clarks. He is now the proud owner of his very own size 3G shoes. Cute factor overload.

*Adopt a new mantra –  ‘Done is better than perfect’
I’m a perfectionist at heart and spend hours trying to get everything ‘just so’. However, as my days are busy and quite frankly I’m losing the patience to faff about, I’ve decided to take a more laid-back approach and accept when good is good enough. I’m already feeling less stressed and and more chilled generally. I urge you to try saying, ‘Done is better than perfect.’

*Turn our study into a playroom
The toys are taking over! With my neat-freaky tendencies it’s time to find a solution to the toy piles appearing all over the house. So we’ve decided to create a different area for my desk and turn the study into Tutti’s playroom. Of course this is going to require another hundred decisions, as we work out how to use the space, but I’m highly excited about choosing wallpaper!

*Join my first Twitter party #TribalChat
I kept hearing about Twitter parties but had no clue what they were. Then I kept seeing #TribalChat, so I decided to find out more and join in. I spent a crazy hour tweeting answers to questions like, ‘If you could be the child of any celeb couple, which couple would it be and why?’. If you’re interested I said Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood (fantasy celeb couple) because of all the cake and bread, obviously! The party was good fun and as a result I’ve discovered a new group of bloggers – woohoo!

*Have a mummy morning
Yes, this weekend I’m having a few hours just for me – hooray! I’m going shopping for some new clothes for a short break in Cornwall and I will be having some form of decadent breakfast and at least one coffee break. As a stay-at-home mum I really look forward to this time. Tutti is fantabulous, but being with him 24/7 is full on. A few hours away and I’m like a new woman. Plus he’s going to Nanny and Grandad’s house with Hubster, so it’s win win.

So what about you guys? What decisions have you made this week – big or small?

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    Great idea. I get so fed up of making decisions , particularly what to have for dinner! This week my big decision was what colour t shirts to get printed for my shop!

    1. Reply


      Wow that sounds like a very exciting decision! I would absolutely take forever over this – I can’t tell you how many times I visited Mothercare before choosing the colour of our pram!! x

  2. Reply

    Soppymum (Sara)

    Good idea! I know what you mean about decision making!!! Our big decision this week is when we go back to the uk in November do we try to move house before Christmas! (Yes) our normal decision making is pool or beach….

    1. Reply


      OMG I wish my decision making was pool or beach! Eek – moving at Christmas could be fun. Oh well at least the festive spirit might help you get through the stress! x

  3. Reply

    Sarah | Digital Motherhood

    Great list, doesn’t making lots of decisions and writing them down make you feel so much better! 🙂 #TheList

    1. Reply


      Ha, absolutely Sarah! It’s like, ‘Wow I’ve been really decisive this week.’ ?

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    Sian - The Mama Story

    Love the sound of your morning off! I’m trying to decide whether to put my youngest into a different playgroup for an extra morning and whether to buy tickets for a book launch event & workshop or whether I’ll be out of my depth!

    1. Reply


      Ha, yes it seems Mummy Mornings have proved quite popular with everyone. I would definitely recommend. My advice for the book launch event and workshop would be to go for it. I bought a ticket to Blog On before I’d even registered a domain name! Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone and do it. It’s so easy to talk ourselves out of things, but quite often new opportunities are created from taking a step in the right direction ? x

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