Decisions Decisions #2

September 17, 2016

life is the sum of all your choices

Welcome to my second decision list, where I keep a record of some of the never-ending decisions we make every day.

As days come and go so quickly, I’ve decided to compile regular decision lists, so we are able to look back on all the little things that crossed our minds. It will serve as a lovely reminder of what life was like during these crazy child-rearing years. My decision lists will be a mix of all sorts because that’s what life’s like, isn’t it? Sometimes we’re consumed with momentous, big deal decisions and at other times we just need to choose a paint colour or our favourite ice cream.

Decision List - be happy always


Go at my own pace
Earlier this week I had my second revelation in as many weeks. After berating myself for writer’s block, I realised I was trying to write in order to keep up with a self-imposed blogging schedule and not because I wanted to. I was being driven by my desire to emulate some of the fantastic bloggers that seem so ‘on it’ every day. But after a large slice of cake and a reality check, it hit me that I should just go at my own pace, not theirs. My blog. My rules. I was so happy with this revelation I wrote about it…Note To Self: Go At Your Own Pace

*Batch cook our family recipe tomato pasta sauce
I may have mentioned before that I’m no domestic goddess. It’s very unfortunate because I LOVE food (clearly evidenced by the size of my hips!), but the skill and frankly, my inclination, to create my own masterpieces is zero. However, I like to at least attempt some form of homemade concoction for our dearest darling, so this week I’ve batch cooked a mound of tomato pasta sauce. It’s an old family recipe and basically all of my dishes feature it somewhere! Luckily Tutti is equally as fond of it as me, so it’s all good in the hood.

*Buy ‘mums’ for the front step
I’m a big fan of America. Not the brash, glitzy side, but the more genteel north-east coast side. I take lots of inspiration from New England style and one of the things I love is how they put chrysanthemums or ‘mums’ on their front porches. I think it symbolises fall, harvest, Halloween and gives their homes a lovely autumnal feel. So I’ve decided to buy some ‘mums’ to sit at the bottom of our front step and underneath both our front windows. I’ve gone with orange for a true seasonal feel and can’t wait for them to burst into colour.

*Change our pink lounge
I’m not a pink girl at all really, so I’m not sure how I ended up accessorising our lounge with pink cushions, throws, magazine rack and rug? I fear I was having one of my ‘I need to change everything now,’ moments and chose bright and cheerful pink on a whim. Having lived with it for a while I’ve decided we need a calmer, more tranquil space. So I’m throwing out all the pink (well, putting it in the attic until I change my mind again) and bringing in more truffle and cream tones with a hint of blue. I’m struggling to find a rug, so that is currently still pink and Tutti is quite attached to our flowery magazine rack, so that may take some time to move out!

*Have a grand day out at Tatton Park
As soon as I saw a leaflet for Roald Dahl’s Tremendous Adventures at Tatton Park, I was eager to take rocket man. That was about four months ago – where do the days go? As it finishes on 2nd October I’ve told Hubster we are definitely going this weekend. It looks great fun, with various Roald Dahl character-themed areas in the house, gardens and farm. I’m a huge Roald Dahl fan and love Quentin Blake’s illustrations, so I’m very excited for our grand day out.

Roald Dahl’s Tremendous Adventures map. Credit: Tatton Park Website

So what about you guys? What decisions have you made this week – big or small?

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  1. Reply

    Fi - Beauty Baby and Me

    Good on you chick! It’s important to go at your own pace. Blogging is something we should do because we love and you don’t want that spoilt with unnecessary pressure xx #TheList

    1. Reply


      Aww thank you! Who needs pressure eh?! x

  2. Reply


    Love the ‘mums’ idea – I also love New England , Maine , Connecticut all those kinds of places. ..must try and think how I could get some of that style in south county Dublin..or maybe I should just move ! #fortheloveofblog

    1. Reply


      Ha I know I’d love to live in a clapboard house! Maybe just a summer home on Cape cod?! x

  3. Reply

    Angela Watling

    I wondered the other day what ‘mums’ were, so thanks for explaining that. I’m a big gardener but didn’t realise they were autumn flowers either *hangs head in shame*. We’re going to the garden centre later though so I might get some to try! #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. Reply


      I’m a total cheat gardener…I buy the mums and then just stick them in terracotta pots in the pots they come in – no additional soil required! They are so bushy you can’t see the plastic pot ? Hope you get some pretty ones. x

  4. Reply

    The Mum Reviews

    Where is Tatton Park? That looks really cool!

    1. Reply


      We went today and it was really cool! It’s in Knutsford in Cheshire. x

  5. Reply

    Ali Duke

    I hope you enjoyed Tatton Park. I haven’t made any decisions this week other than do I have cake with my tea or not lol.

    1. Reply


      Ha, what a great decision…the answer is always yes of course! x

  6. Reply

    A Mum Track Mind

    Great post idea! I love a list so I guess mine would be to film and upload to my YouTube channel at least three times a week, post daily on my blog and get to the gym at least three times this week. Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG x

    1. Reply


      Wow Fi I’m super impressed with your list! I’m a long way off posting daily, but maybe one day…I’m also avoiding vlogging – the thought of me on film brings me out in hives! Have a great week. x

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