Know What Your Dip Powder Kit Contains

Dip powder manicures have been popular for more than two decades now. It has its advantages. For example, dip powder manicures last longer than gel procedures. In addition, they do not require curing under a UV lamp. An extensive range of dip powder products is available. However, there are healthcare issues concerning dip powder application and removal procedures.

Nevertheless, many women prefer the dip powder job to other manicures. But do you know what your best nail dip powder contains? This article takes you through the ingredients and enhances your knowledge concerning the nail manicure products you use at home.

Experts always insist on investing in a high-quality dip powder kit. It ensures that you use the healthiest products that do not harm your nails and skin.

Know the Ingredients Present in Your Dip Powder Kit

The Bonding Ingredients

Everyone uses the nail bonder to dehydrate the nail surface. It is a critical aspect of the preparing stage. The nail bonder contains ketone, methyl propyl, and ethyl acetate. These ingredients ensure that the different manicure layers stick to the nail. However, one should be careful because these ingredients are volatile and could evaporate if exposed to air. Therefore, you must keep the bottle tightly sealed after use.

The Base Coat

The basecoat is a vital part of your best nail dip powder manicure because the dip powder sticks to it and not to the nail. The basecoat contains ethyl acetate and 2-cyanoacrylate. It is a nail glue formula, and hence, one should be careful to clean the bottle rim after using it. The lid could get glued to the edge and make the product useless in the future. One should also note that incorrect use of the basecoat can cause complications

The liquid could become sticky, the brush could harden, the bottle could be glued shut.

The Dip Powder

Dip powders are different from acrylic powder because you apply them in different ways. The best nail dip powder ingredients comprise titanium dioxide, benzoyl peroxide, and acrylic ester polymer.

Dip powder manicures use nail resin to adhere to the nail surface. They do not have a strong odor like acrylic powder and do not require a monomer to stick to the powder.

The Dip Powder Activator

The dip powder activator is another crucial dip powder kit ingredient. It is responsible for the dip powder adhering to the basecoat. In addition, it makes the dip powder manicure strong. The activator constitutes ethyl acetate, methyl propyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, and N-N dimethyl P-Toluidine.

The activator ensures that the dip powder bonds well with the basecoat. Besides strengthening the powder, it ensures that the topcoat dries quickly. However, the solution is similar to acetone or alcohol and could evaporate on exposure to air. Therefore, users should close the bottle tightly after use.

The Top Coat Application

The final part of a dip powder manicure is the topcoat application. The topcoat adheres well to the dip powder and imparts the shine to the manicure. The topcoat contains 2-cyanoacrylate and ethyl acetate.

Before applying the topcoat, you ensure that the activator has dried completely. Otherwise, it can result in clumps. A single coat should suffice for a matte finish. But, if you love a glossy coat, it is better to have three or four topcoat applications. The best aspect of the topcoat is that it dries almost immediately.

You should also note that the topcoat is similar to nail glue. Hence, it would help to clean the edges before closing the bottle. Otherwise, the lid could stick to the bottle rims and become an unusable product subsequently.

The Brush Cleaner

The dip powder manicure comprises applying nail glue-like substances to the nail. These products can harden the brush bristles and make them unusable. Therefore, it is critical to clean the brush using a brush cleaner. The brush cleaner is thus a crucial constituent of your dip powder kit.

The brush cleaning solvent contains nitroethane and butyl acetate to break down dip resins and nail glue. As a result, dipping the brush into the solvent dissolves the glue and does not allow the brush to harden. It also removes residual powders and ensures a consistent dip application. Using the brush cleaning solvent regularly helps extend the brush’s life considerably.

Cuticle Oil

Applying cuticle oil to your nails helps rehydrate them and keeps them healthy. Cuticle oil has numerous ingredients, including Carthamus Tinctorius, seed oil, sweet almond oil, canola oil, jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, fragrances, and vitamin E.

Safflower oil or Carthamus Tinctorius has anti-inflammatory properties and thus protects your skin. In addition, as cuticle oil constitutes naturally occurring materials, it is safe to use on all skin types.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the various constituents of your best nail dipping powder kit. Knowing the ingredients allows you to use the product wisely. Use them correctly, have an excellent dip powder manicure, and show it off on your Instagram and Pinterest handles.