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My Inspirational Day At Christmassy Blog On

Blog On MSI Gingerbread

A couple of weeks ago I told you I was attending my first bloggers conference. Well, Sunday was the big day! After six short weeks of blogging I rolled up at Blog On in Manchester. To say I had butterflies would be putting it mildly. Having devoted the last year and a half to looking after a tiny person and spending most of my days repeating, ‘Be gentle,’ ‘Be careful,’ and ‘Mind your head,’ I wasn’t even sure I’d manage to...

My First Bloggers Conference – Eek!

Blog On Conference

Call me foolish or a risk-taker, but I bought a ticket to attend Blog On in Manchester before I’d even registered a domain name!  For anyone that hasn’t heard of this super-friendly event, it’s a bloggers conference full of fantastic speakers, interactive sessions and an opportunity to connect with brands. I’ve read such positive things about Blog On that I just knew I needed to attend early in my blogging life. To be honest, I also knew that having the deadline...