Stay at home mum


Today I Wasn’t Enough, But That’s OK

Its a bad day not a bad life

Today was one of those days. One of those, ‘I’m not cut out for this’ days. Rocket man just wasn’t feeling it and as his mum and safe place, he felt very OK with letting me know. At 15 months old communication takes the form of behaviour, so we’ve had screaming, food throwing, collapsing on the floor in hysterics and complete displeasure in pretty much everything. When I look back and put it into words it all sounds a bit...

25 Reasons Toddlers Cry Before 8am

Toddler Tantrum

Rocket man is going through a crying phase at the moment. If anything isn’t to his exact requirements or if he has the slightest displeasure, a meltdown is on the cards. Today has been a particularly trying day, with multiple so-called ‘reasons’ for him to have an outburst. I have been a good mummy and shown understanding of his complete devastation that he has to wear clothes to leave the house and can’t squash strawberries on his head. But in order to...

Stay-At-Home Mums Deserve A Weekend Too


I’m at the beginning of my stay-at-home mum adventure, but one thing is for sure – I look forward to the weekend. Recently I read a forum conversation where someone commented to a stay-at-home mum, ‘Why are you so excited for the weekend? It must always be like a weekend for you.’ Umm, pardon, what?! I nearly choked on my martini that is required most evenings, in order to recover from the trauma of a full day with a toddler. Here we go...

My Mum Identity – What Do I Call Myself Now?

My hands & Tutti's feet in the shape of a heart

Before I was made redundant (for more on this see ‘Becoming a Stay-at-Home Mum’) I always felt proud when people asked ‘What do you do?’. The answer has varied over the years, but includes PR & Communications, Marketing and Multi-Brand Manager. By the time I was taking maternity leave I had a lot of responsibility and loved being accountable for a marketing team. However, what I didn’t realise until two days after I no longer had a job, was just how...

Becoming A Stay-At-Home Mum

Me & Tutti on the beach

Years ago I heard the saying, ‘With brave wings she flies’ and have since quoted it to friends and colleagues. But today, as I enter the new world of being a stay-at-home mum, I say it to myself. Redundancy during my maternity leave has made me an accidental stay-at-home mum. Having followed the traditional; school, uni, career, marriage, baby route, it’s actually quite liberating to go off-piste. To deviate from the expected and potentially change the course of my life. But...