Winning Each Day


Decisions Decisions #2

life is the sum of all your choices

Welcome to my second decision list, where I keep a record of some of the never-ending decisions we make every day. As days come and go so quickly, I’ve decided to compile regular decision lists, so we are able to look back on all the little things that crossed our minds. It will serve as a lovely reminder of what life was like during these crazy child-rearing years. My decision lists will be a mix of all sorts because that’s...

Note To Self: Go At Your Own Pace

Roses - Note to self: Go at your own pace

The last couple of weeks have been full of revelations for me. I don’t know why, but something has clicked in my mind. Last week I began seeing the benefits of my new mantra, ‘Done is better than perfect’ and this week I’ve realised whether in blogging or everyday life, I should go at my own pace. This is new to me because I’ve always been quite ambitious and worked hard to move up the career ladder, get our home looking lovely...

‘Done Is Better Than Perfect’ – A Mantra To Live By

Sunflower - 'Done is better than perfect'

‘Done is better than perfect,’ was famously said by Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook. When I first heard it I remember thinking, no, I totally disagree. But this week I’ve been pondering the pressure I put on myself to reach the heady heights of perfection and what it means to be perfect. So it was very timely to read one of Aby’s posts over at You Baby Me Mummy – The Truth About Being Successful. In it she writes,...

I Still Wear Make-Up Every Day

Make-up laid out

This morning I put my make-up on as usual. I was rushing around, when I suddenly stopped for a second to think about why I wear make-up every single day. I’ve worn it since I was 15 years old. Compared to today’s standards, that’s quite late to commence painting my face. I didn’t start because of any great urge to be pretty or to appeal to the opposite sex,  it was just to make me feel more confident. I remember marching into Boots...