Teddy Bears’ Picnic 1st Birthday Party

September 5, 2016

A few months ago it was Tutti’s first birthday and we chose to celebrate it with a teddy bears’ picnic in the garden. As with all outdoor occasions in the UK, there was a certain amount of trepidation on planning an entire event around it not raining. In the run-up to the party it rained every day for a week. I thought we were doomed. But when Saturday arrived the sun shone and we had the most glorious afternoon.

As I’ve said before I’m no Martha Stewart or domestic goddess, but I do swoon over all the pretty pictures on Pinterest. I know, I’m my own worst enemy. It would have been so much easier to just go out. But I wanted to make the most of being able to do cutesy things for his big day. The time will come soon enough when he’ll be requesting theme parks and sleepovers. So once I’d picked the teddy bears’ picnic theme, there was no stopping me!

I’m going to share with you some of the party décor. I laid-out the food table in our kitchen and then decorated around the whole area. Outside I set-up some games for the older children, placed a couple of picnic blankets on the grass and dressed our garden furniture with a picnic theme. It was all a mix of shop bought and homemade.

Tutti holding a balloon on his 1st Birthday
He was very attached to this balloon for the whole afternoon!

With my very poor baking skills there was no question I’d be calling in a professional for the showstopper birthday cake. My cake lady is called Chris and we clicked straight away. I gave her a short brief of what I wanted and Bob’s your uncle, she created the most beautiful teddy bears’ picnic first birthday cake.

Teddy Bears' Picnic 1st Birthday Cake
Such pretty, detailed work and it tasted delicious too

Now as much I could eat cake all day, I had a suspicion our guests may be hoping for some tasty grub too. So I put my creative brain into action and came up with a few quirky teddy bears’ picnic-themed nibbles. I bought some little flags and simply wrote bear-related names on them. Anyone for a teddy bear’s nose, ‘beary’ fruit cup or some vegetation? It was only a small gathering, but as Nigella would say, ‘I never knowingly under-cater.’

Teddy Bears' Picnic Party Food
If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of…a lot of food!

I decided to go with self-serve drinks which worked really well, as we didn’t have to run around topping them up or taking orders.

Teddy Bears' Picnic Drinks
Unbelievably there wasn’t much of this orange fizz left by the end of the day

At one year old, rocket man was more into playing with balloons and bubbles, but I added a few extra touches for a bit of ‘ambiance’.

Teddy Bears Picnic Décor
My mum made the teddy bears’ picnic sign and I loved going through his milestone pics

It was a lot to organise for a small person who won’t remember it, but I enjoyed it and will always remember that special day. I like to do things that are a little different and if he ever asks to see his first birthday pics, what a treat he’ll have!

Tutti with a Teddy headband

We had a lovely family afternoon and it was as much a celebration for Tutti, as it was for the fact Hubster and I had survived our first year as parents!


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    Mrs H

    Awwww, happy first birthday to your little man. I absolutely adore this idea for a first birthday party and it is perfect for a summer birthday. All your decor is gorgeous and all the food looks yummy. But that cake, oh my, that is something to behold. I would have been mortified cutting in to that. Hugs Lucy xxxx #SundayBest

    1. Reply


      Thanks Lucy! We were so lucky with the weather…it was nearly an indoor carpet picnic! I’ve still got the toppers from the cake, I can’t bear to throw them away ? x

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