The Ideal Ingredients to a Perfect Nail Manicure

It is better to be safe in this pandemic period and get a nail manicure done at home. First, however, you will require a high-quality gel polish kit, such as the OPI gel polish kit, to ensure an impeccable manicure. The best aspect of the OPI gel polish starter kit is that it contains everything that a gel polish manicure requires. Therefore, every woman who wishes to have a gel manicure at home should invest in such a kit and know what it contains. It can help you get the best out of it and have a fantastic gel manicure that lasts for three to four weeks.

Constituents of Your Gel Polish Kit

Nail prepping ingredients

Prepping your nails is a crucial part of your gel nail manicure. So, your gel kit should contain all the necessary ingredients for prepping your nails. It includes high-quality, sterilized nail clippers to help clip your nails to size. In addition, the nail file proves helpful to shape the nails and smoothen the edges. It is essential because smoothening the edges prevents the lifting of the nail polish later on.

The skin surrounding your nails and the cuticles can interfere with your gel manicure. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep them out of the way. Your OPI gel polish kit features a cuticle pusher and fork to deal with cuticles and ensure a good manicure. Besides, it also contains a cuticle oil pen that proves useful in softening the cuticles before pushing them into their grooves. The cuticle oil also proves handy for moisturizing your nails after the manicure and maintaining their shine for extended periods.

The OPI gel kit also contains finger and toe separators that ensure sufficient distance between your fingers/toes and prevent unnecessary injuries. In addition, your gel kit should also contain nail polish removers and nail cleaners. Removing the traces of existing nail polish is crucial before moving on to your next manicure. Similarly, cleansing your nails is necessary to remove debris sticking to your nail and affecting the manicure.

The best gem polish kits contain nail buffs that help rough up the nail surface and allow the basecoat to adhere to it. In addition, some of the nail kits contain striping tape that proves useful when applying multiple gel polish colors to your nails.

Your kit comes with a nail brush that allows you to dust the debris and maintain your nails clean.

OPI nail polish ingredients

The OPI gel polish kits have all the ingredients required to ensure a high-quality manicure. You need not invest in any other accessory as the starter kit comes with everything you need.

The kit contains a basecoat application, a matte/glossy topcoat, and a range of exciting nude solid colors. The basecoat is crucial because it adheres to the nail surface and bonds with the gel polish to provide a long-lasting manicure. The topcoat provides the ideal shine to the manicure. You can have a couple of applications for a matte finish, whereas a glossy finish requires more than two applications.

You get a range of exciting gel polish shades along with your OPI gel polish kit. However, you can always order your favorite colors separately if needed.

Besides the nail polish ingredients, the starter kit has UV/LED lamps essential for curing gel polish. The kit also contains a pair of anti-UV gloves to reduce radiation exposure to your skin.

The UV/LED lamp has a unique, detachable bottom design to cure your toenail polish easily. In addition, it provides you with greater space and ensures a better experience.

The best part of OPI gel polish is that it is non-toxic and does not have any pungent odor. Therefore, it is safe to use at home. In addition, you should find it convenient  to try out different styles with this kit.

Nail embellishment ingredients

Today, the trend is trying out several embellishments like nail art designs and other stickers to enhance the overall attraction. Therefore, your gel polish kit features various accessories such as nail glitters, dotting pens, French stickers, nail stickers, nail art rhinestones, etc., that can go on to enhance the glamor quotient.

Thus, you can have fun at home by experimenting with various designs and combinations. In addition, you end up saving a lot of money by avoiding the nail salon.

Final Thoughts

While visiting a nail salon for your manicure is an excellent idea, you can get similar results at home using the OPI gel nail polish set. This kit offers all the ingredients necessary for a high-quality gel manicure. Besides, it provides the requisite instructions to help you master the art of having a gel manicure at home. So, investing in an OPI gel kit should be one of your priorities if you wish to have a long-lasting gel manicure.