All You Need to Know about Gelixir Nail Polish

When you think of nail polish, especially gel nails, you can’t go wrong with Gelixir nail polish. Gelixir nails is a durable high gloss nail product that lasts as long as three weeks without peeling or chipping. Gelixir nails gel thoroughly within 10-15 minutes. It is a professional system that offers a variety of over 100 exciting colors with fast application and is also lightweight at excellent prices. The Gelixir nail set comes with matching color nail polish and nail lacquer, top, and base coat.

In this article, you’ll learn more about Gelixir nails and nail polish and why you should get one. Gelixir nail polish gel base and top offers lengthy-lasting gel application and gives your nails a professional finish in the end.  The base coat application follows after filing your nails, then you cure and dry this nail polish using UV light. Afterward, follows the topcoat to give a fine glossy shine.

Why is Gelixir Nail Polish Unique?

Gelixir nail polish has a rich texture that covers the nails and protects them from wear and tear. Gelixir nail polish is a top-notch gel polish that cures using ultraviolet light. Gelixir has a wide range of nail polish colors, over 100+ that stay as long as three weeks and still shine flawlessly. The features of this product include:

It cures or dries in few minutes and uses UV/LED light for the curing

Gelixir soaks off fast and is easy to polish

It works for salon and professional application

Gelixir nails last as long as 24 days and are durable

Its manufacture is from 100% original material that does not cause any damage to natural nails

It does not result in bleeding or shrinking around the cuticles.

It’s essential to apply Gelixir over your base coat and cure each layer under ultraviolet light for about 2 minutes and in an LED lamp for 30 seconds. The topcoat design gives a flawless finish after Gelixir nail polish application. It creates a glossy shine that does not dull, peel it chip, and is also effortless to remove the gel polish using a gel remover.

What is Gel Polish?

They are different from regular nail polish in the areas of their finish and application. The curing process for Gel nails involves using UV light. It makes your nails look more natural and colorful. Application of Gelixir polish colors is done the same way as traditional nail polish, but each layer applied is cured for 30 seconds under an LED lamp and 2 minutes in regular UV lamps. That’s to say, before applying another layer, you place the nails under the light.

Does It Last Long on Nails?

Gelixir nails, like most gels, are comparable to the lifespan of other nail enhancements. It can last as long as three weeks before you’ll need to apply for a new one. However, while it is on, natural nails often push it out quickly as they grow. Here are some of the benefits of trying Gelixir gel nails:

No pungent odor – Gelixir nail polish offers no strong smell while using it, unlike acrylic nails, so you’re assured of no reactions.

Drying time – You have nothing to worry about getting your nails smudged or dented because it dries within two minutes or less.

You can DIY – Gelixir nail polish is so easy to do that you can carry out the process all by yourself at home. All you need is the necessary tools, and your days of going to the salon for a nail fix will be over.

Do not damage the nails – Gelixir polish is quick and easy to do. It does not require procedures such as buffing and extensive filing, so it prevents potential nail damage.

Easy removal process – The removal process is straightforward and effortless. You have to soak the nails in acetone, and it is complete—it does not require energy in its removal.

It makes for touch-ups – You can easily give Gelixir nails a retouch if your nails begin to grow out. All that is required is painting the area to retouch and curing using a UV lamp.

Seamless polish change – If you need to change your nail color to suit a particular outfit, it’s easy to achieve that with Gelixir nails. The process is easy and flawless.


Gelixir nails are a great alternative to regular acrylic because their removal is most effortless and safe on your nails. You don’t need to file off your nails or buff them, which causes nail damage. If you love gel nails, Gelixir gel polish colors should be top of your list. Nail lovers who have used it can testify to how amazing it is. What’s next? Try out one today, and enjoy your beautiful nails!