Benefits of Sunscreen and Protips to Use Them in a Better Way

Protection from the sun is extremely important for your skin. This is because solar radiations are harsh and can cause irreparable damage to your skin. Especially the Ultraviolet A and B radiations. These are reported to be the major cause of skin cancer worldwide. If you do not take necessary measures to keep yourself protected from radiations, you will have to face major consequences. Excessive exposure can cause premature aging, darkening of skin, freckles and dryness. This is where sunscreens play their role. They create a physical barrier between the radiations and your skin. In this way, the radiations are unable to penetrate deeper and the potential damage to the skin is avoided. Here are few tips and suggestions about how to use sunscreens in better ways.

How to use sunscreen under makeup

Wearing sunscreen is extremely important even if you are applying makeup. Now the question is, how to apply a sunscreen under makeup? The answer is quite simple, you can go for foundations or other makeup products that come with SPF protection. It is more beneficial to use products that come with broad spectrum sunscreen. These will keep you safe from both the UVA and UVB types of radiations. Using these will not only provide you the makeup look of your choice but also give you the additional protection from the sun.

Sometimes it happens that your skin becomes overly dry due to overexposure to the sun. This is because warm rays extract all the moisture from the skin leaving it dry and flaky. In such situations, you can use a Korean sunscreen for dry skin. This sunscreen will not only protect from the sun but also locks your skin’s moisture in place. You can use it under your makeup so in this way your makeup look remains intact instead of becoming overly dry. Make sure you cover every area of your face. Also, be very vigilant about the use of the right amount of product. It should be sufficient enough to create a nice layer on your skin.

Can sunscreen be helpful for skin conditions?

Sunscreens could play a very vital role in protecting you from skin conditions. This is because most of the skin problems are created due to overexposure to sun’s radiations. Either it is dryness or freckles, or it may be inflammation or redness, radiations can cause a wide array of skin related problems. Use of sunscreen can avoid all these problems from occurring. For example, some people experience a condition called rosacea in which there is an appearance of redness and inflammation on the face which is mainly caused due to sun’s exposure. It is extremely important to protect your skin from radiations when you are experiencing this condition. For this purpose, go for the best sunscreen for rosacea and apply it regularly on your face. This will help you in keeping your skin protected and let it heal. Otherwise, your skin condition will worsen if you don’t keep it safe from sun’s exposure. Similarly for other skin problems that become worse in the sun, you need to always use sunscreen even if you are in shade. Take great care to avoid permanent and long term damage.


Any type of harsh exposure to skin, either it is chemicals or radiations, can be damaging. Skin is an extremely sensitive body part and therefore requires to be very carefully handled. Environmental factors should be considered along with your skin care routine. Your skin care products will help you in the right way when your skin cells are not going through damage. Sunscreens are a great way to keep your skin safe from penetrating rays. I hope our information about the use of sunscreen will be very helpful for you. Use them in the right way and get benefits from them.