12 Fashionable Nail Trends for 2021

One of the best ways to add extra beauty and glitz to your outfit is a fresh manicure. The year 2021 is a remarkable year for nail trends as there are many impressive designs to choose from. There are many common nail trend colors like the classic red and pink color; why dont you try out something unique and more adventurous? Note that there is always something for everyone regarding pigment-containing manicure trends; whether it is gelixir colors or not, you will find the perfect nail trend for you. Read on to learn about fashionable nail trends for 2021.

Best nail trends 2021

Graphic Detail

Try a graphic look and appear bolder this season. Grab people’s attention with contrasting colors or choose a similar shade for a more reserved look. Try out simple patterns and shapes at home. You can also visit a salon for a more professional and elaborate nail design.

CD Nails

This is an eye-catching design that uses a unique pigment containing little reflective particles. You can achieve this beautiful design with a bare nail or base color of your choice. Coat your nails with a layer of this unique pigment and apply a clear sealing gel finish!

Nude and White Minimal Detail

Use this nail trend to have a simple but classy look.

This nail design comes in a modest nude and white color combination. You can combine the colors you desire to fit into your creative look. You can apply the white color at alternate nails, or two nails depend on your style and specific fashion needs.

Pearl Detail

If you desire a versatile nail trend, the pearl nail trend should top your list. The pearl nail trend fits into both glamorous and simple looks. If you want to look simple style to mimic, you can add a few on your fingers, but add more pearl if you want a more glittery look. This is one reason why this nail trend has been widely by lots of people over the years.

Gingham Nails

Gingham nail trend is quite famous for obvious reasons. It makes you stand out from the crowd as you paint your nails with checkered fabric to make you distinct from the public.

Zigzag Nails

You can easily make your zigzag (chevron) nail trend in the comfort of your home. It appears complicated, but it is simple to make with two colors (black and white). With patience drawing your zigzag line, you will create a perfect manicure.

Marble Nails

Do you want to mimick the marble design in your kitchen? You will find this nail trend design the perfect match. It appears sophisticated, which is so, but it is easy to make. You can draw a marble feature nail or have all the nails marble-like design.

Animal Print

If you desire a sassy style nail trend, the animal print is your best option. It is a nail trend that never seems to go out of the reckoning. Animal print has lots of styles, such as cheetah, leopard, and cow print. You can try anyone based on your preference.

Geometric Art

If you desire to make a statement and raise an eyebrow wherever you go, then try out the geometric art. This nail entails sharp and bold shapes. Creativity is the strong point of this nail trend, and you should explore it to the fullest.

Double French Tip

This is an advanced version of the classic French-mani. You can add another extra line to add more creativity and fun to your nail art. This trend will make you look classy as you step out in your favorite outfit.

Single Nail Feature

As the nail implies, single nail features allow you to get creative with a single nail. Use your desired block color to paint one of your nails while the remaining nails are left with white color. You can try pattern or graphic style on a single nail. Try out many possibilities to give you a unique look.

Metallic Nails

One of the trendy nails this season is metallic nails. The metallic nail works perfectly with any pairs or colors of your choice, with long nails shaped in the form of a coffin.


There are lots of options to choose from as new trends keep surfacing. However, ensure you select a nail trend color that perfectly suits your needs and outfit. You can try out gelixir polish colors for a perfect and elegant look. It fits into any style you desire and you can purchase gelixir gel polish wholesale to minimize the cost of buying in a single unit. Look radiant and beautiful with the fashionable nail trends mentioned above. Try them out for your next outing and date, and you will love it!