25 Reasons Toddlers Before Cry 8AM

Rocket man is going through a crying phase at the moment. If anything isn’t to his exact requirements or if he has the slightest displeasure, a meltdown is on the cards. Today has been a particularly trying day, with multiple so-called “reasons” for him to have an outburst. I have been a good mummy and shown understanding of his complete devastation that he has to wear clothes to leave the house and can’t squash strawberries on his head. But in order to maintain my sanity I do have to laugh to myself.
I know in his world these are all genuine reasons to show his annoyance, so to keep my humour I thought I’d note down some (I know there are hundreds) of the reasons our precious little ones throw a wobbly before most people have even had their morning coffee


  • They wake up.
  • They don’t want their nappy changed, despite having been drenched in their own urine for 12 hours.
  • They&’re too hot in their long-sleeved PJ’s.
  • They’re too cold now you’ve rolled the sleeves up.
  • They want to get into mummy and daddy’s bed.
  • They hate being in mummy and daddy’s bed – it’s so restrictive.
  • They want to watch daddy on the toilet, but not with the door shut. This isn’t allowed because mummy is still in bed and would also have to watch daddy on the toilet.
  • They want to unravel the entire toilet roll and stuff it down the toilet, but are stopped after the first two squares.
  • They want to use your phone to call the friend you haven’t seen for 20 years and really should have deleted from your contacts.
  • They want to climb downstairs all on their own whilst carrying three wooden blocks and a box of tissues.
  • They see the cat in a peaceful slumber and are held back from putting her in a headlock.
  • They want breakfast and they want it now!
  • They didn’t want that breakfast – ugh get it away from me.
  • They want cereal.
  • The cereal is too crunchy.
  • The cereal is too squishy.
  • They want fruit.
  • The fruit is too slimy and the wrong shape.
  • They want to get out of their high chair the millisecond breakfast is over, even if they are covered in watermelon juice and look like they’ve been in a machete attack.
  • They want to play with your wedding china they’ve swiped from the cupboard you were sure you secured.
  • They think you’ve abandoned them because they can’t see you hunched under the table, sweeping up the crumbs from that breakfast.
  • They want to go outside in their PJ’s even though it’s raining.
  • They want to be on the hall side of the baby gate.
  • They want to be on the kitchen side of the baby gate.
  • They want to be picked up, even though you’re clearing up the cat’s sick and dashing her towards the door before a second eruption.

This has pretty much been my life today!

How about you guys – what causes your little ones to go ape?