Makeup Essentials, Tips and Ideas for African American Skin Types

Every skin type has its specific characteristics, requirements and needs. If you have a knowledge of the behavior of your particular skin type, there is no makeup goal you can’t achieve. Here we will be talking particularly about African American skin types. It is a bit different from the rest in terms of its nature, complexion and behavior towards any makeup product. It needs to be considered in a very vigilant way, especially while doing makeup. Here is some necessary information about this skin which will help you out in all the difficulties you face.

Important specifications of African American skin types

Before getting into the makeup regimen of African American skin types, you must know their specifications.

Excessive pigmentation

Firstly, this type of skin is very rich in melanin pigment. It tends to produce pigmentation way more than other skin types. This makes them way too prone to patchy skin, hyperpigmentation and melasma. So you have to tackle such situations while doing makeup.

Sensitivity to sun

African American skin is way too sensitive to sunburns and allergies. Your makeup products should be such that they keep your skin protected from solar exposure.

Excessive sweating

Another important factor while dealing with this particular skin type is the production of excessive amounts of sweat and sebum. This issue has to be addressed particularly so that your makeup stays in place for longer.

Ways to get a glamourous, eye catching makeup look

Now that you know the problems associated with this skin type, let’s give you the possible solutions for them.

First comes the primer. Make sure your primer leaves a dry and matte finish. It should not be oily or greasy because the skin already sweats a lot. Let it sit for a few minutes until you achieve a good primer surface for your foundation.

Then comes the base. As you know that the skin is a bit patchy and pigmented, you need to pay special attention to this step. You can try out the best liquid foundation for African American skin available in the market. Blend it very well so that it covers all the patches.

After the foundation, use a good mineral powder to settle it. Your powder should be grainy and freely flowing. This will let the foundation set perfectly. The powder should be able cover all the parts of the skin without settling at a particular spot.

You can top it up with a light powder blush. Do not go for extra bold shades as the skin is a bit on the darker side.

When it comes to the highlighter, touch the cheek bones, nose and upper lip area perfectly. This will uplift your entire look.

Things which are essential requirements for makeup

There are some essentials which are must have for this skin type. The most important ones are makeup brushes and sponges. The pigmented and patchy nature of this skin type requires efficient blending. When it comes to brushes, you should go for the best Korean makeup brushes that you can find. These will be soft bristled and perfect for detailed blending and spreading.

For sponges, I suggest you use tear drop beauty blenders. They are soft and as they can also be used with water, they can set your base perfectly.

Another essential requirement of this skin type is makeup wipes. Your skin will tend to sweat very often so you should have these wipes with you which you can use at any time.


As far as African American skin types are concerned, the oily nature of the skin makes makeup a bit difficult to stay longer. It washes away quickly with sweat, leaving behind unpresentable patches. The makeup strategy should be such that not only the pigmented patches are hidden perfectly but also the makeup stays all day without sweating away. Read our guide and get all the necessary information you need to get about this particular skin type. You’ll forget all your worries and get the makeup look of your desires.