Should Men Exfoliate Before Self-Tanning?

Before you go for your summer or spring break, you may want to try self-tanners on your body. There are various exfoliators available in the market that can help you to remove the dead cells from the skin. Therefore, if you use the exfoliator before tanning, your skin will look healthier. Again you should keep in mind that the deeper the exfoliation process, the more damage your skin has to go through.

How to Do Self Tanning Correctly?

You might think if men can go for tanning? Is there any self-tanner for men possible or available in the store? The answer to this is yes. Both men and women look remarkably gorgeous once they go for the self-tanning process. Removal of the dead skin is the best way to clean your face naturally.

Tanning is the simplest form to get glowing skin instantly. When you look at the skin of the male celebrities and athletes, you love their clear skin. The secret behind their skin is exfoliation.

Tips to Remember Before Self-Tanning

We suggest you do not rush to the parlors to go for the tanning process of your skin. Instead, remember these few pointers if you are doing the self-tanning;

Never Overdo

Always remember that fake tan is understandable. You can notice an orangey patch on the skin if your tan is fake or not done properly. Hence start the process slow and always use quality skin products for this purpose.

Nowadays, you will get to see a hell of a lot of options available for self-tanning. In this context, it is also important to keep in mind investing in the best exfoliator to use before spray tan is necessary. These exfoliators can smoothly remove the dead cells from your skin, and then natural tanning glow can be seen nicely.


Do not invest in girly-smelling skin products. There are tanning lotions that have a typical feminine odor. You can always opt for natural and mild smell products. It is important to know that the smell of these tanners stays for approximately 7 hours maximum. Hence, do not spend much if you find there is an extra smell in the tanning product.

Moreover, it is good to avoid products with odor, as they might contain toxic substances. We always advise our users to go for natural materials of the skin product.


The question of how often to use self-tanner on the face is a common question by all men. You can apply the self-tanner to the body twice a week. For your face, you can use it once a week. It can keep the glow and tan safely intact on your face for long hours.

How to Do Self-Tanning in Men

The entire process of self-tanning may sound hard, but it will not take much time;

First, you have to prepare your skin with a mild scrubber. It can smoothly exfoliate the dead cells.

As men’s skin is thicker as compared to women’s, it is always advised to exfoliate the skin and shave if you want before 24 hours of self-tanning.

The next step is to dry the skin. You can use a towel to dry your face. Make sure your skin is completely dry before you apply any self-tanner.

You have to apply the self-tanner lotion circularly. The massage is quite essential.

Apply a mild moisturizer on your skin parts, which are relatively drier than the other spots. It can blend the skin color well, and you will not let color build up unnecessarily on your skin.

To avoid discoloration on the body, you can avoid the knee and elbow areas. If you want the same on the face, then do not apply it on the brows.


Healthy tanning is all that we want. Hence, use the correct product according to your skin type for self-tanning.