About Me


I’m Kirsty, mum to one gorgeous little boy (known as Tutti or little rocket man) and wife to a super duper Hubster. Along with our rescue cat Purdy, we live in the glorious English countryside.

I’m an international marketing manager turned stay-at-home mum. Firmly in the chaotic throes of motherhoodery, I take each day a nappy at a time.
I’m a pasta addict, stationery geek and lover of the odd tipple (medicinal of course). I’m also a self-confessed neat freak, although these days I’ve had to lower my standards and accept a more “lived in” look.

I blog to stay sane during the overwhelming highs and crazy lows of motherhood. Being at home all day with a small person drives me a little loopy sometimes. So to fill the void of adult conversation, I put fingers to keyboard, in the hope of chatting with like-minded peeps.

The look of love! All three of us at little rocket man’s Christening


Anything that comes to mind as I make my merry way through motherhoodery. Some posts are based on my experiences as a mum, others are about my loves, likes and dislikes. I cover all topics from everyday life to food, home décor and travel.


Unfortunately I’m not Mrs. Domestic Goddess. Despite a few attempts to channel my inner Martha Stewart, I’ve come to the conclusion that “Domestic Goddess” isn’t a role I can put on my CV. If I try really hard I can rustle up the odd Easter basket, Christmas ham or handmade decoration, but in truth, I usually take the easy route and get someone else to do it.

In my head I imagine myself floating around in the latest on-trend clothing, whipping up a batch of cupcakes, whilst sewing a button on the Hubster’s shirt and engaging Tutti in educational play. The reality is I rarely stray from my mum wardrobe of jeans and a top or tunic and tights, our cupcakes are M&amp’s finest and Hubster knows better than to ask me to do any kind of “make do and mend”.


In the words of Julie Andrews, “These are a few of my favourite things”
Being by the sea
This is my most favourite thing. I just think it’s glorious. Unfortunately we live in a land-locked county, so we don’t go as often as I’d like to.

New England style
I’ve been lucky enough to visit New England a few times and we got engaged on Cape Cod. I just love the laid-back coastal feel and picture perfect towns.

Pretty things
Hubster often accuses me of choosing “form over function”, but I’m a sucker for anything pretty.

I like wholesome comfort food the best. In no particular order my favourites are: pasta of any kind, pizza, steak, eggs any way, burgers, chips, a well put together sandwich, Thai, Chinese and Mexican.
Homemade tomato pasta sauce

We wouldn’t survive if I didn’t cook this family recipe every week. It’s one of the few things I can make and therefore use it in most of my cooking!

Comfy shoes
I admire beautiful heels from afar, but my little feet prefer ballerina pumps, flip-flops or a sturdy pair of boots.

Heavenly scents
A few years ago I discovered Jo Malone and have never looked back. “Grapefruit” is my absolute favourite.

Sparkly jewellery
Enough said.

So there’s a little bit about me. Please feel free to contact me for any info or just to chat.