Makeup Essentials, Tips and Ideas for African American Skin Types

Every skin type has its specific characteristics, requirements and needs. If you have a knowledge of the behavior of your particular skin type, there is no makeup goal you can’t achieve. Here we will be talking particularly about African American skin types. It is a bit different from the rest in terms of its nature, complexion and behavior towards any makeup product. It needs to be considered in a very vigilant way, especially while doing makeup. Here is some necessary information about this skin which will help you out in all the difficulties you face.

Important specifications of African American skin types

Before getting into the makeup regimen of African American skin types, you must know their specifications.

Excessive pigmentation

Firstly, this type of skin is very rich in melanin pigment. It tends to produce pigmentation way more than other skin types. This makes them way too prone to patchy skin, hyperpigmentation and melasma. So you have to tackle such situations while doing makeup.

Sensitivity to sun

African American skin is way too sensitive to sunburns and allergies. Your makeup products should be such that they keep your skin protected from solar exposure.

Excessive sweating

Another important factor while dealing with this particular skin type is the production of excessive amounts of sweat and sebum. This issue has to be addressed particularly so that your makeup stays in place for longer.

Ways to get a glamourous, eye catching makeup look

Now that you know the problems associated with this skin type, let’s give you the possible solutions for them.

First comes the primer. Make sure your primer leaves a dry and matte finish. It should not be oily or greasy because the skin already sweats a lot. Let it sit for a few minutes until you achieve a good primer surface for your foundation.

Then comes the base. As you know that the skin is a bit patchy and pigmented, you need to pay special attention to this step. You can try out the best liquid foundation for African American skin available in the market. Blend it very well so that it covers all the patches.

After the foundation, use a good mineral powder to settle it. Your powder should be grainy and freely flowing. This will let the foundation set perfectly. The powder should be able cover all the parts of the skin without settling at a particular spot.

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Gel Polish Overcuring – Is It Right or Wrong?

The nail salons have been on and off intermittently for more than a year now. Under such circumstances, most women have their gel manicures at home. While applying DND nail polish should not be an issue, there are concerns regarding its curing. Studies show that people having their gel manicures at home tend to overcure because they are not precisely aware of the ideal duration of the curing process. Of course, you can refer to your DND nail polish gel set to get an idea about the ideal curing times, but it is practice that makes you perfect.

What happens if you overcure gel nail polish?

This question is there in almost every mind. So let us explore the answers here.

Generally, the curing time for a gel polish manicure is around 30 seconds. However, people who have their manicures at home always feel that this period is insufficient. So they extend the curing to up to a minute, as well.

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10 Best Selling OPI Gel Polish of All Time

Amidst all the trends and frenzy OPI is a brand of sophistication and elegance. Easy salon-like nails each time without spending tons of money OPI seems to have taken hearts of millions when encapsulating the beauty of slow and steady results every time one puts on their products.

This high-end brand gel nail polishes which harden with UV light and air to give you crisp, matte chip-proof nails, OPI surely knows what’s best for them. They must have gone through thousands of formulas to get it right. This particular list is scooped out to give you the best of the best OPI gel polish options, no matter what your style is. OPI says their formula gives your nails the chance to breathe in toxic environments and helps them to heal. And a plus, they are long-wearing yet so easy to apply.

OPI gel polish in the shade big apple red

OPI nail polish big apple red is described as a gel-cream finish nail lacquer which might be the boldest right on the face color you will see on the list. This particular OPI gel polish is world wide known and fan favorite. This heavenly color suits every skin tone which is a big plus and it not only radiates confidence but also gives you that signature red look every occasion desires!

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All You Need to Know about Gelixir Nail Polish

When you think of nail polish, especially gel nails, you can’t go wrong with Gelixir nail polish. Gelixir nails is a durable high gloss nail product that lasts as long as three weeks without peeling or chipping. Gelixir nails gel thoroughly within 10-15 minutes. It is a professional system that offers a variety of over 100 exciting colors with fast application and is also lightweight at excellent prices. The Gelixir nail set comes with matching color nail polish and nail lacquer, top, and base coat.

In this article, you’ll learn more about Gelixir nails and nail polish and why you should get one. Gelixir nail polish gel base and top offers lengthy-lasting gel application and gives your nails a professional finish in the end.  The base coat application follows after filing your nails, then you cure and dry this nail polish using UV light. Afterward, follows the topcoat to give a fine glossy shine.

Why is Gelixir Nail Polish Unique?

Gelixir nail polish has a rich texture that covers the nails and protects them from wear and tear. Gelixir nail polish is a top-notch gel polish that cures using ultraviolet light. Gelixir has a wide range of nail polish colors, over 100+ that stay as long as three weeks and still shine flawlessly. The features of this product include:

It cures or dries in few minutes and uses UV/LED light for the curing

Gelixir soaks off fast and is easy to polish

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Benefits of Sunscreen and Protips to Use Them in a Better Way

Protection from the sun is extremely important for your skin. This is because solar radiations are harsh and can cause irreparable damage to your skin. Especially the Ultraviolet A and B radiations. These are reported to be the major cause of skin cancer worldwide. If you do not take necessary measures to keep yourself protected from radiations, you will have to face major consequences. Excessive exposure can cause premature aging, darkening of skin, freckles and dryness. This is where sunscreens play their role. They create a physical barrier between the radiations and your skin. In this way, the radiations are unable to penetrate deeper and the potential damage to the skin is avoided. Here are few tips and suggestions about how to use sunscreens in better ways.

How to use sunscreen under makeup

Wearing sunscreen is extremely important even if you are applying makeup. Now the question is, how to apply a sunscreen under makeup? The answer is quite simple, you can go for foundations or other makeup products that come with SPF protection. It is more beneficial to use products that come with broad spectrum sunscreen. These will keep you safe from both the UVA and UVB types of radiations. Using these will not only provide you the makeup look of your choice but also give you the additional protection from the sun.

Sometimes it happens that your skin becomes overly dry due to overexposure to the sun. This is because warm rays extract all the moisture from the skin leaving it dry and flaky. In such situations, you can use a Korean sunscreen for dry skin. This sunscreen will not only protect from the sun but also locks your skin’s moisture in place. You can use it under your makeup so in this way your makeup look remains intact instead of becoming overly dry. Make sure you cover every area of your face. Also, be very vigilant about the use of the right amount of product. It should be sufficient enough to create a nice layer on your skin.

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12 Fashionable Nail Trends for 2021

One of the best ways to add extra beauty and glitz to your outfit is a fresh manicure. The year 2021 is a remarkable year for nail trends as there are many impressive designs to choose from. There are many common nail trend colors like the classic red and pink color; why dont you try out something unique and more adventurous? Note that there is always something for everyone regarding pigment-containing manicure trends; whether it is gelixir colors or not, you will find the perfect nail trend for you. Read on to learn about fashionable nail trends for 2021.

Best nail trends 2021

Graphic Detail

Try a graphic look and appear bolder this season. Grab people’s attention with contrasting colors or choose a similar shade for a more reserved look. Try out simple patterns and shapes at home. You can also visit a salon for a more professional and elaborate nail design.

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25 Reasons Toddlers Before Cry 8AM

Rocket man is going through a crying phase at the moment. If anything isn’t to his exact requirements or if he has the slightest displeasure, a meltdown is on the cards. Today has been a particularly trying day, with multiple so-called “reasons” for him to have an outburst. I have been a good mummy and shown understanding of his complete devastation that he has to wear clothes to leave the house and can’t squash strawberries on his head. But in order to maintain my sanity I do have to laugh to myself.
I know in his world these are all genuine reasons to show his annoyance, so to keep my humour I thought I’d note down some (I know there are hundreds) of the reasons our precious little ones throw a wobbly before most people have even had their morning coffee


  • They wake up.
  • They don’t want their nappy changed, despite having been drenched in their own urine for 12 hours.
  • They&’re too hot in their long-sleeved PJ’s.
  • They’re too cold now you’ve rolled the sleeves up.
  • They want to get into mummy and daddy’s bed.
  • They hate being in mummy and daddy’s bed – it’s so restrictive.
  • They want to watch daddy on the toilet, but not with the door shut. This isn’t allowed because mummy is still in bed and would also have to watch daddy on the toilet.
  • They want to unravel the entire toilet roll and stuff it down the toilet, but are stopped after the first two squares.
  • They want to use your phone to call the friend you haven’t seen for 20 years and really should have deleted from your contacts.
  • They want to climb downstairs all on their own whilst carrying three wooden blocks and a box of tissues.
  • They see the cat in a peaceful slumber and are held back from putting her in a headlock.
  • They want breakfast and they want it now!
  • They didn’t want that breakfast – ugh get it away from me.
  • They want cereal.
  • The cereal is too crunchy.
  • The cereal is too squishy.
  • They want fruit.
  • The fruit is too slimy and the wrong shape.
  • They want to get out of their high chair the millisecond breakfast is over, even if they are covered in watermelon juice and look like they’ve been in a machete attack.
  • They want to play with your wedding china they’ve swiped from the cupboard you were sure you secured.
  • They think you’ve abandoned them because they can’t see you hunched under the table, sweeping up the crumbs from that breakfast.
  • They want to go outside in their PJ’s even though it’s raining.
  • They want to be on the hall side of the baby gate.
  • They want to be on the kitchen side of the baby gate.
  • They want to be picked up, even though you’re clearing up the cat’s sick and dashing her towards the door before a second eruption.

This has pretty much been my life today!

How about you guys – what causes your little ones to go ape?

Watergate Bay Hotel – A Child – Friendly Sanctuary

If like me you trawl the internet for child-friendly holidays, you’ll know how exciting it is when you find somewhere that really caters for your little treasures (and not at the expense of adult enjoyment either). Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall, is one of those places.

I’ll say straight away that I’m a hotel snob. I’m a very fussy customer because hotels are not cheap and they have a fairly simple service to provide bed and breakfast as a minimum. But on so many occasions I’ve received poor service, shoddy surroundings and awful food. I travelled a lot when I was a marketing manager and have been lucky enough to stay in hotels all over the world. Therefore I know exactly what I’m looking for when I choose accommodation and even more so, now I need it to work for us as a family. With hotels I find you get what you pay for, although there are always exceptions.

Since having rocket man Hubster and I have felt more comfortable holidaying in the UK. In fact, three out of our last four holidays have been spent at Watergate Bay Hotel. I could write a post on the whole place, but let’s just say it’s coastal chic at its best. Laid-back luxury. Designed for adults, but with children (and dogs!) in mind.

There is an eclectic mix of clientele, from families with babies, to couples and silver-surfers. Somehow the hotel enables everyone to co-exist without intruding on each others’ space. This is largely down to a wide selection of areas to ” hang out.” From a gorgeous lounge over-looking Watergate Bay, to the buzzy “Living Space” Swim Club or their restaurant Zacry’s. Two minutes walk from the hotel is also Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall.


This post is all about the kids, so I have to start with the Kids Zone. Before children I didn’t take much notice of child-friendly facilities, but Watergate Bay Hotel have really got this nailed. The Kids Zone is open every day from 8am until 10pm and it’s completely free. It’s an Ofsted-registered activity space for children of all ages. Their website states that all staff are experienced early years practitioners, with associated qualifications and valid DBS checks. I have to say everyone we met was lovely and rocket man was very happy to be left with them for a couple of mornings.
As you walk into the Kids Zone there is a large room for older children with games, pool table, TV, ping pong and table football. Further down the corridor is a secure play room, art room and outdoor area for younger children. As I said I’m not an easy customer to please, but I was so impressed with the facilities. There was such a lot to keep kids entertained and I felt the whole area had a Montessori feel to it. By that I mean it’s mostly self-directed play (a lovely pretend kitchen), sensory experiences, wooden toys and a craft area where children can let their imaginations run wild. Best of all, it was always really calm!

Our little man is only 16 months old, but he loved it every time we took him to the Kids Zone. Most afternoons we’d pop down and let him play for an hour before dinner. He was really taken with the play kitchen and was happy to explore everything, including reading, playing cars, building with blocks and running around outside. When he’s older he’ll be able to join in with football tournaments, hot chocolate around a fire pit and fun on the beach.

The Kids Zone also offers supervised sessions throughout the day. The toddler session is every morning from 10am – 12 noon. Each day they have different activities to engage the kids and on Tutti’s first morning he enjoyed jelly play and on his second morning it was fun with water. Obviously you must stay on site while your children are in the sessions, but it was lovely having a couple of hours to read a paper, drink coffee and stare out to sea (or go back to bed… ahem).

There are also supervised sessions for older children from 6.30pm until 10pm. Again a mix of activities including films, cookery and team games for ages 3 -12 years old. This is a great idea if you want to enjoy a quiet dinner or relax after a hectic family day out.


OK, so along with all the beach activities, that’s the kids entertainment sorted, but what else makes Watergate Bay Hotel great for families? Well, here are some brilliant features:

Baby-Sitting and Baby Monitoring
For £12 an hour you can hire an in-room baby-sitter from 6pm until 2am. They are staff from the Kids Zone so you know they’re fully qualified. Alternatively, the hotel provides free video baby monitors which you connect up in your room. You can then go downstairs and eat dinner whilst watching your precious ones on-screen (and checking on them regularly). We loved having a relaxed dinner every night and see these options as a real plus for the hotel.

Early Supper
Every day from 5pm – 6pm children can eat an early supper in Zacry’s restaurant. I think in high season this is laid-out as a buffet, but as we stayed in October we had the kid’s menu to pick full meals from. The food is all fresh and very high quality. The buffet is a great idea as children can choose a few different things, but equally rocket man enjoyed the meals we ordered from the menu (although the portions were too big for him).

Parents’ Kitchens
A genius idea! The downside of staying in hotels with children is there often isn’t room for all the paraphernalia you need. Watergate Bay have helped with this by giving guests access to parents’ kitchens on each floor. These are small kitchens containing a fridge, microwave and sink, plus electrical sockets for sterilisers etc. We used the kitchen on our floor every day and left food in the fridge. Every little helps!

Family Rooms
We haven’t stayed in one, but the rooms feature a king-size bed and decent space, plus a separate bedroom with bunk beds. I think these rooms are mainly at the back of the hotel with a view of the road, which has put me off. However, having opted for a sea view room with us all sleeping in the same space, I would definitely consider a family room in future. It wasn’t a problem when rocket man was tiny and could sleep through anything, but this time we found he woke us up and we woke him up. Not ideal.

So there you are. Part of me didn’t want to share what a lovely place it is, as it’s already difficult to get a room at popular times! However, I know how hard it is to find child-friendly accommodation that still delivers high standards and attractive surroundings for us parents.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.